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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Ava Kathryn 4 Months

Four months old...what a big girl! You do new things each day and we love watching you grow! The past 4 months have flown by and it's hard to remember what life was like before you! As much as we enjoy watching you get bigger, I wish time would slow down!

You are still a very content little girl with the sweetest disposition! Your little smile is contagious! Your tongue is usually poking through your cute little smile! Sometimes when you smile, you wrinkle your little nose and you look adorable!

Eating and sleeping schedules around the Arrowood house are still very
 consistent! You have a bottle as soon as you wake up then every 3-4 hours until you go to sleep. Your naps range from 20 minutes to as long as 2 hours...that doesn't happen a whole lot! You take your long naps at school! You now know what a bottle is. When you aren't starving, you love to watch us make your bottle and you get very excited knowing you are about to eat but when you are starving you whine until the baba is in your mouth.

Speaking of watching, you have become a very curious littl girl! We realized when you were about 6 weeks old that you wanted to be in the know! You would fight sleep knowing that you might be missing out on something! Your teachers sent home a note the other day saying that you always watch
 your classmates and seem very interested in what they are doing. I wonder where you get your curiousness from? Your momma! :) You also LOVE to watch Bonnie and Clyde. Bonnie and you have formed a special love each other! You kick, squeal and smile when she comes over to lick you!

You have known our faces and voices for a couple of months but now you are able to pick us out of a crowd. The other day when your dad picked you up at school, you were asleep in your crib. He said as soon as he started talking to your teachers you woke up and started looking for him. As soon as you found your daddy you had the biggest smile across your face! You also love to sit on my lap, facing forward, and turn your head back to look up at me. It is the sweetest thing! At the end of the day, you love to watch us come home from work! Your little face lights up when your dad or I walk through the back door!

You love going to school and your teachers love having you in their classroom! They keep you busy playing on the activity mat or exersaucer and rocking you in the rocking chair. Occassionally, your class works on art projects. For Halloween, you decorated a pumpkin with your name on it. Your teachers also took your footprint and made a ghost out it! I'm going to keep a
collection of your artwork for years to come! You have been introduced to sign language but I am sure it will be a while until you understand and can use the signs.

4 Months Statisitics

Head circumference: 42.2cm- 80%
Weight: 15.6- 84%
Length: 25.2- 82%

Ava seems to be meeting all the 4 month old development milestones. She has great head control, rolls back to front, plays with her hands, laughs, coos and squeals and makes good eye contact.  She is so close to sitting on her own but her heavy cheeks and noggin' cause her to get wobbly and tumble! Ava still loves to sit and stand on laps. Her legs are so strong! Before we know it, we'll be chasing her around the house!

4 Month Pics

On my way to Tante's house

Tummy time

Ava loves sitting in her Bumbo

Deep Well Farm Pumpkin Patch

Ava's 1st pumpkin

Ava's 1st Halloween

Such a cute lion!

Josh and Ava went to Tante's to trick-or-treat

Sweet face

Not so sweet face

Ava loves her first coat

Bonnie and Ava love each other

First time sitting!

Marcus and Ava

Our happy little girl!

This wraps up Ava's 4th month!
 The 3 of us are having so much fun! :)

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