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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Ava Kathryn 3 Months

It's been a while since I updated our blog. The last few weeks of my maternity leave, everything around me kept breaking.. .including my laptop.  I actually stepped on it! Now, it is time to catch up on little Mrs . Ava!

Ava loves to sit up, stand, look around, talk and smile. She is very curious, like her mommy!  Ava moves her arms and legs constantly. We recently tested out her exersaucer and she LOVED it! Her upper body strength is still a little weak, so Ava is a little wobbly but overall she is strong enough to sit in the exersaucer and explore all of the colorful toys.  We also tried out the Bumbo and Ava seems to enjoy the independence of sitting by herself. Her chubby cheeks are so big making it hard to hold her head up!  Ava continues to enjoy her swing. Tummy time is always a challenge because Ava insists on rubbing her nose and mouth into the mat. She is much more interested in licking the mat than holding her noggin' up! On a typical day at home we try out all of Ava's equipment.  It keeps us busy and Ava entertained!

Ava has discovered her tongue and she loves sticking it out especially when smiling! She looks so cute!  Ava continues to lick everything and everyone so I have given her the nickname, Sally the Salamander! Ava has also discovered her her hands and keeps them in her mouth most of the time!  She also likes to take my fingers and put them in her mouth then she starts gumming  them.  Ava is a big drooler (and has been since she was 2 weeks old). People continually ask if she is teething early. I keep checking and still no teeth!  We go through at least 10 bibs a day. Thank goodness my sister passed down at least 30 bibs!

Ava continues to sleep well, 8-10 hours per night and takes 6 ounces of formula every 3 hours! Ava is such a sweet baby! We have been spoiled having such a good little girl!

3 Month Pics

This is how Ava really felt about our photo shoot! Ha! Ha!

The above pics were taken September 8, 2012. This was UT's
first football game of the season and the first time you spent the night away from me since you were born. You stayed the night with Tante (Juli), Andy and Jeanne.  I missed you bunches but Tante sent me pictures of you having fun at her house.

Visiting with Granny Ollie

First Day of School
September 26, 2012
14 weeks, 6 days old
Primrose School of Farragut

The director at Primrose emailed me a pic of Ava on her first day!

Ava absolutley LOVED her first day at daycare! She had no problem transitioning into school!

I returned to work when Ava was a day shy of 15 weeks. Honestly, I wasn't too nervous about going back to work. I knew the day would come but I am very thankful I had 15 weeks at home with my sweet girl!  I am also lucky I only have to work 3 days per week. So I still have plenty of time to love on Ava! 

Ava's teachers adore her and we are so thankful for a great daycare. We know she is always in good hands! Her teachers report that she is happy, friendly and curious about her classmates. She loves playing on the acivity mat and interacting with new friends! We look forward to watching Ava grow and learn at Primrose!

More 3 Month Pics


That wraps up the last 3 months with our sweet Ava!

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