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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ava 5-6 Months

So I am months behind on blogging BUT better late than never!
Ava is still sweet as ever and we love watching her grow!

Ava's 5-6 Month Happenings

Holds her bottle (when she wants)
Rolls over and over...and over
Refuses to crawl
Steadily sits up with no help
Loves soft books, her Sophie the giraffe, taggie blankey and elephant
Explores with her fingers- up our nose in our mouths
Loves zippers and strings
Loves all baby food
Experienced our first public blowout (poop in her tights ended up all over Josh's pants)
Still no teeth
Yoga fingers (she places her thumb and pointer finger together)
Loves sucking her upper lip

5 Month Pics

Silly girl

6 Month Pics

Ava's 1st Tennessee Tailgate

And...Ava is out!

Ava's 1st Thanksgiving

Random Pics

Funny pic from school

6 Month Stats

Length: 26.6 inches- 77%
Weight: 17 lbs. 3 oz.-71%
Head circumference- 17.7 in.

I'm hoping to post Ava's 1st Christmas pictures and her 7 month update soon, but knowing me it might happen in a few months! Til next time...

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