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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Florida and Memphis

The last week in August we vactioned at my parents condo in PCB.  Lauren, Ella and Kellen flew from Seattle to join us for the week. Preparing to take babies to the beach is harder than I thought. I was used to the days of putting sunscreen on, grabbing my towel, chair and heading down to the beach to lay out all day. Well, those days are now gone, but I wouldn't trade it for anything! 

6 week pic...before we hit the road to Tallahassee, Florida to meet Chelsea

We love stopping by You Never Sausage A Place

Yummy boiled peanuts

Hanging at Chelsea's house

Chels lovin' on Ava

Ava and mommy

Daddy's girl

Finally at the beach!

Ava's first time in a bathing suit

Kellen and Ava sitting on Big Daddy's lap

View from our condo

Kellen a.k.a. Bruiser

Passed out

Afternoon storms at the beach are the best!

Lauren being a goob with her Lime-a-Rita

Big Daddy playing with Ella


Oh how I love the many faces of Ava

I love my bonnet


Ella ready to go swim

Beautiful sunset

Family pics

Bubba snoozin'

Such a cutie

On my way to Gran and Pop's house

Sweet Ella

Eating peanut butter a.k.a nutella...yummy!

Hanging at Gran's

So sweet!

Aunt Lauren picked out my new bubble from the Women's pretty!

Lunch with Adriane before heading back to Knoxville

Stopped by to visit Gran before leaving Germantown

When we finally made it back to Knox we had to snap Ava's 8 weeks pic!


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