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Friday, November 18, 2011

Little Meewes

Congratulations to my sister, Lauren and brother-in-law, Brian! The Meewes family is expanding! Ella Grace is going to be a big sister in late May and this is how she announced it to her friends:

 I have a very big secret...

I'm happy to be me...

Because I am a BIG SISTER to be!

Baby Meews is due May 25, 2012, exactly 4 weeks before Baby A! My mom was speechless! My parents will have 3 grandbabies in 2012! Little Meewes and Baby A  will also make great grandbaby #2 and #3 for Gran, Pop-pop, Mema, Granddaddy Kelley and Rose!

It will be so much fun watching cousins, so close in age, grow up with each other! Maybe one day we will all get our wish and Lauren, Brian, Ella Grace and Little Meewes will move back to the South...where they belong!

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